about us

We are the First Church in the Prismatic Faith

Our LGBTQIA+ focused religion values the true self.

Followers of Prismatism are called Prismatists.

our beliefs

The Values Our Members Hold Dear

That just as light refracted through a prism gives birth to many different colors yet all are equal and beautiful, so are we many different types of humans but each worthy of equality and love.

That it is righteous to express your true self in the way that brings you the most joy.

That consensual adult love should be celebrated and rejoiced.

That consenting queer youth can explore relationships with other youth to find their own happiness in a safe environment.

That it is our uniqueness that makes us Holy.

That it is the duty of every human being to fight against injustice and oppression. That doing so includes intersectionality and that your fight may look different than another’s. That when another tells you of their unique struggles you listen and learn to better be an ally to that person.

That abortion is a safe and practical healthcare and is not sinful.

That all of us are fallible and wrong sometimes. That perfection is unattainable. That our flaws should help us grow and improve.

That the love of yourself is important. Take care of the one who is staring back at you through the mirror. They are worthy of your love.

our tenets

The Seven Tenets of the Prismatic Faith

These are inalienable rights to every member of the faith. They are as follows:

The innate worth and dignity of every individual.

The inherent right to discover and accept one’s true self and take the steps necessary to present that true self to the world.

Love is love, and every person has an inherent right to consensual love (including self love) without discrimination.

The inherent right to bodily autonomy which is subject to their will alone.

All beings must act with compassion and empathy towards all living things to the best of their ability.

The inherent right to receive affirming medical care. Medical decisions are at the discretion of the individual and their healthcare providers alone, and shall not be infringed upon. This includes gender affirming medical care and/or medical reproductive care.

It is our intrinsic duty to fight for the oppressed and to stand against our oppressors when injustice is being done.

the ritual of transition

Transitioning is a Sacred Act

In the Prismatic faith one of our core Tenets is the inherent right to discover and accept your true self and take the steps necessary to present that self to the world.

When you transition to make your outward appearance match who you are truly inside you, that is an act of worship. Worship yourself, your worth, and the light that shines inside you. When you are transitioning, meditate on the inner strength it takes to bravely be yourself in the face of oppression. You are worthy, you are unique, you are holy, and you are light.

our clergy

About our Board

High Priestx Jeri Clark

Pronouns: She/Her

Jeri is a former midwife who spent years overseas helping women in crisis have healthy babies. She lives in California with her family of five teenagers, all of them on their own gender discovery journey. They have two dogs, two cats, and a snake with hopes to get a service dog soon and assist Jeri with her MS challenges. As well as being the Co-Founder she also directs the Holistic Member Care responsibilities of the Prismatic Light Church.

High Priestx Tyler Tobyne

Pronouns: He/Him

Tyler currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the Church of Prismatic Light & Board Treasurer. In this role, he is responsible for the daily operations of the church. Tyler will earn his MBA in Financial Forensic and Fraud examination from Tiffin University in the Spring of 2023. Tyler earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Public Service and Policy from Arizona State University in 2019. 

High Priestx Ida Hamilton

Pronouns: She/Her
Lending 17 years of legal and managerial experience, Ida is excited to push for equality, inclusivity and visibility for the LGBTQIA+ community.