Our Most Frequently Asked Questions



What is the Church of Prismatic Light?

We are the first church in the Prismatic faith which is an LGBTQIA+ focused religion that values the true self.

What are members of The Church of Prismatic Light called?

Followers of Prismatism are called Prismatists.

What are the Seven Tenets?

You can find our tenets here

Can I be a part of another religion and still join?

Yes! Prismatism is non exclusionary.

Do you worship a deity?

No. We celebrate the love of your true self and your identity as a human being.

Is there a statement of faith?

Yes! We believe like the emanations of light through a prism that we are all unique and beautiful beings worthy of love, self discovery and dignity.

Are you affiliated with another religion?

No. We are an entirely unique religion, separate from all others.

How do I become ordained?

We will begin ordaining Priestx soon, stay tuned.

Can I start a local chapter in my state?

Eventually! First we need to get federally recognized as a church and are working towards that now!

How can I help?

We need publicity! Spread on social media and word of mouth. Make art! Help us make merchandise we can wear at Pride! There’s lots of ways to help us grow! Visit our volunteer page for more details on how to become a volunteer!

How is this different from The Satanic Temple?

We are more LGBT+ focused but do share a lot of similar ideas! Prismatism has transitioning as a sacred ritual.

Where is church service held?

Service is held Saturday from 6pm-7pm central standard time on the church’s TikTok page (

Will you fundraise?

We have a donation page and all donations will be used to create promotional material, start services for LGBT+ youth, and to cover any future legal fees.

Is this more of a social community or is it a deeply religious/spiritual faith?

Prismatism is as religious/spiritual as you need it to be in your life. If you simply need a loving, supporting community then that is what it is. If you want to dive in and truly embrace the Tenets, then that is what it is.

Can I promote my GoFundMe within the community? Will the church publicly promote my GoFundMe?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not allow the self-promotion of GoFundMe (or similar) campaigns within this community. Nor will the church promote GoFundMe (or similar) campaigns on your behalf. It is our hope that this will change in the future, but for the time being we cannot allow it.