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The Church of Prismatic Light

A Prismatist Church for LGBT+ People, Families and Allies

Official Church Merchandise

Membership Cards and Other Official Church Merch We are currently in negotiations with a design and printing firm in relation to membership cards, posters, apparel and more. Upon conclusion of negotiations, they will also provide support to us in implementing a store...

Prismatic Faith Pamphlet

Help Spread Awareness of the Church We've had so many people reaching out to us asking for ways or ideas on how they can spread awareness of the church and our cause. In response to such amazing outreach, we've designed a pamphlet that people can print off to use as...

Press Release 1 MAY 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE We would like to announce the formation of a new secular, philosophical religion. The aims of the Church of Prismatic Light are to protect our congregation’s rights to life, happiness, love, gender affirming care and marriage through the...