Press Release 1 MAY 2022

Press Release 1 MAY 2022

May 2, 2022


We would like to announce the formation of a new secular, philosophical religion. The aims of the Church of Prismatic Light are to protect our congregation’s rights to life, happiness, love, gender affirming care and marriage through the Religious Freedoms granted by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution as well as the United States Religious Freedoms Restoration Act of 1993. Under the eyes of the Church, any member who takes Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) engages in a sacred ritual of self-love, -worship and -expression. Furthermore, it is the right of all to have an unalienable right to bodily autonomy and to follow their hearts in regards to love and marriage. We believe that creating a world of Love, Acceptance and Care is the sacred duty of all living beings. The Church of Prismatic Light is prepared to go to court to protect the rights and rituals of our congregation and allow them to live their lives as their true selves free from fear of governmental control. We have already filed paperwork to apply as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


At this present time, being an online phenomenon, we are seeing massive following across several social media platforms.

TikTok: @wildfirepriestess (107.2K followers)

Facebook: The Church of Prismatic Light (5.4K members)

Reddit: r/PrismaticLightChurch (8,997 members)

Discord: (2,634 members)

Twitter: @PrismaticChurch (3,416 followers)

Instagram: churchofprismaticlight (5674 followers)

YouTube: The Church Of Prismatic Light (1.78 subscribers)

Website Membership: (23,525 members)


These numbers reflect engagement with only 14 days of going live!


As we further explore our ability to meet the needs of our wounded congregation, we encourage and invite any inquiries of the press or media.


Shawn White

Public Relations



+1 405-310-9809